CTBUH Committees pioneer cutting-edge research in critical topics across disciplines and facilitate discussions on the development of urban environments. To learn more about CTBUH Committees, please review the roles and responsibilities document.

Committees operate in three topical assemblies: Building Scale, Urban Scale, and Global Scale.


The Council is committed to sharing the latest information, practices, and perspectives related to the creation of tall buildings and future cities, and CTBUH Assemblies and Committees are integral to that mission. Composed of multi-disciplinary CTBUH Members with a keen interest in specific industry topics, Committees are aligned into three broad Assembly groups, which examine salient tall building and urban habitat topics at the Building Scale, Urban Scale, and Global Scale. In addition, a fourth grouping convenes issue-focused Committees and Leader groups involved in other CTBUH initiatives.



Three wide, diverse bodies of CTBUH members contributing to the Council’s mission across three realms: Building Scale, Urban Scale, and Global Scale. Assemblies are organized into distinct “Committees.”


A multi-disciplinary group of CTBUH Members interested in a specific industry topic. Committees may subdivide further into distinct “Panels” if the wider topic warrants multiple areas of exploration. A Committee Chair coordinates the underlying Panels, as well as the Committee overall.


A multi-disciplinary sub-division of a Committee, focused on a specific topic and Project(s). A Panel Chair coordinates the work of the Panel, reports to the Committee Chair, and sits as a Vice-Chair of the Committee. Panel members are Committee members, by default.


An output at either the Committee or Panel level, ranging from lower-intensity projects such as social media posts and podcasts, to higher-intensity projects such as papers and publications.

For more detailed information on the Roles & Responsibilities of CTBUH Committees, view the full Roles & Responsibilities document.