City Advocacy Program 2024

80% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. In this era of rapidly accelerating urbanization, there is a critical global need to develop and share ideas and policies that advocate for sustainable, resilient, and inclusive high-density urbanism.  

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and its members are in a unique position to create a forum for this dialogue and to gather, record, develop, and advocate innovative practices that address challenges facing cities.

The City Advocacy Program 2024 will take shape as a series of activities, events, and conversations with the ambition to:

1. Identify key topics/challenges facing key global cities, including: 

- Density & urbanization

- Climate resiliency

- Social equity & access

- Housing

2. Gather and record best practices and case studies to address these challenges

3. Create forums for exchanging ideas between:

- Mayors & policymakers

- Planning departments

- Private developers & owners

- Consultants 


The output of this yearlong initiative will be:

1. City Advocacy Program Forums (4 total)

These invitation-only half-day workshops, occurring in tandem with each of the CTBUH regional conferences and the international conference, will enable policymakers to share key challenges and best-practice solutions aligned with the conference themes (see "Milestones" tab for conference dates and themes). Additional invitations to the workshop may include local policymakers and developers.  

2. City Advocacy Program Panel Discussions (4 total)

These public panel discussions will also take place in conjunction with the CTBUH regional conferences and the international conference and align with conference themes.

3. City Advocacy Program documentation

At the conclusion of the workshops and panel discussions, CTBUH will publish "Future Cities: Sustainable Urban Growth Guide," which will include:

- Case studies on key issues (density, resiliency, equity, housing, etc.)

- Policy recommendations

- Advocacy plan



November 2023: Establish steering committee membership & funding sources
December 2023: Convene first steering committee meeting to identify additional members and speakers and confirm program
April 2024: City Advocacy Program (Forum 02), CTBUH 2024 Europe Conference, "Future-Fit Cities: Safer, Adaptive Density in a Changing Era," in Instanbul (April 18 & 19)
November 2024: City Advocacy Program (Forum 04), CTBUH 2024 Asia Conference, in Bangkok (Nov. 21 & 22)
December 2024: City Advocacy Forum final output

About the Funding Partners



City Advocacy Program (Opening Panel), CTBUH 2024 Americas Conference

Thursday, 22 February 2024 | AC Hotel Miami Brickell, 115 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130 | Miami

The first public event of our new City Advocacy Program, this moderated panel discussion with city planners from London, Miami, New York City, and Singapore (see "Speakers" below) will take shape as the opening session of the CTBUH 2024 Americas Conference. (A closed round-table discussion for CTBUH Leaders will take place the preceding afternoon.) The initiative, which explores and establishes innovative practices that address key topics, challenges, and opportunities facing global cities today, will continue to materialize throughout the year in a series of activities, events, conversations, and case studies that gather, record, and develop critical information and data, enabling participants to address challenges, leverage opportunities, and effectively advocate for policies in their own cities and regions. Key topics to be explored include:  

- Density & urbanization

- Climate resiliency

- Social equity & access

- Housing

Sponsored By:


INCOSA, The Euclid Group
Miami, Spain
Founder, The London School of Architecture
New York City, United States
Curator in Chief, New London Architecture
London, United Kingdom
Urban Design Manager, City of Toronto Planning Department
Toronto, Canada
Group Director of Architecture & Urban Design Group, Urban Redevelopment Authority - URA
Singapore, Singapore