ALL CTBUH Conferences

As the recognized international authority on tall buildings, CTBUH conferences differ significantly from the many commercial conferences now being held around the world, in terms of both quality of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities. CTBUH events offer a wide variety of benefits to attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

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Upcoming Conferences

CTBUH 2024 International Conference

23-27 Sep 2024, London

Registration is now open! The CTBUH 2024 International Conference, "New or Renew: Addressing the Density Dilemma," from 23-27 September 2024, in London and Paris, looks at the challenging dilemma facing the construction industry today: Should we build new buildings, or should we renew the existing ones?

CTBUH 2024 Asia Conference

3-4 Dec 2024, Bangkok

Join CTBUH to explore the obstacles and opportunities facing Asian cities today.

Past Conferences

CTBUH 2024 Europe Conference

18-19 Apr 2024, Istanbul

Mark your calendar and plan to join us for the CTBUH 2024 Europe Conference, "Future-Fit Cities: Safer, Adaptive Density in a Changing Era," 18 & 19 April, in Istanbul, to explore the obstacles and opportunities facing European cities today.

CTBUH 2024 Americas Conference

22-23 Feb 2024, Miami

Join us in Miami in February 2024 to explore the unique challenges and opportunities that lie within the downtown landscapes across the Americas.

CTBUH 2023 Regional Conferences

14-17 Nov 2023

In tandem with the launch of three regional hubs across our entire network, regional conferences representing CTBUH Americas, CTBUH Europe, and CTBUH Asia will kick off this spring and serve as the primary annual gathering of these groups.

CTBUH 2023 International Conference

16-21 Oct 2023, Singapore

The CTBUH 2023 International Conference, "Humanizing High Density—People, Nature & the Urban Realm," which will advance the fundamental premise that high-density urbanization can support healthy living, working, and civic and social engagement.

CTBUH 2023 Europe Conference

22-23 Jun 2023, Frankfurt am Main

The official launch of CTBUH Europe with the regional conference “Full Circle: The Life and Second Life of European Tall Buildings” will bring together leaders and CTBUH members in the region for a leaders meeting/lunch followed by off-site tours and an evening networking reception on Thursday 22 June, followed by a full day of conference sessions on Friday, June 23.

CTBUH 2023 Americas Conference

11-12 May 2023, Seattle

The inaugural Americas Regional Conference, “Green(er) Capital: Investing in a Sustainable, Urban Future” will bring together leaders and CTBUH members in the region for a full day of conference sessions and an evening networking reception on Thursday 11 May, followed by morning off-site tours on Friday 12 May.

CTBUH 2022 International Conference

9-12 Nov 2022, Chicago

The CTBUH 2022 International Conference theme this year is "Tall Excellence: Seeking the Ideal in Vertical Urbanism," integrating the 2022 CTBUH Awards Program, and the establishment of a global accreditation and certification program.

CTBUH 2022 Steel-Timber Hybrid Buildings Conference

23-24 May 2022, Chicago

This two-day conference will convene the leading international experts in steel and timber design & construction, to explore how the benefits of each can be utilized to advance tall steel-timber hybrid buildings.

CTBUH 2021 International Conference

8-12 Nov 2021

The CTBUH 2021 International Conference is unlike any other, comprising CTBUH chapter events staged across multiple times zones around the world.

2021 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference

18-20 May 2021, Online Event

The annual CTBUH Tall + Urban Innovation Conference explores and celebrates the very best in innovative tall buildings, urban spaces, building technologies, and construction practices.