Regional Representation

CTBUH Regional Representatives are CTBUH members appointed to lead CTBUH initiatives locally and provide direct contact to professionals in their respective countries.


CTBUH Representatives are recognized as either Country Representatives, City Representatives, and/or Chapter Officers, based on the representative structure in their respective region. CTBUH Representatives are expected to remain engaged in the on-going operations of the Council and to continually promote the Council’s mission, aims and objectives.

CTBUH Representative

A single Representative leading CTBUH initiatives within their city or country. Representatives serve two-year terms, subject to review of activities after the first year. Representatives can form committees to work on CTBUH initiatives together.

CTBUH Chapter

A formal entity at the country or city level with a Chapter Affiliate Agreement, by-laws, and for countries, a bank account. Representatives from different cities within a country can form a committee.

Find your Local Chapter or Region

Cities and countries with CTBUH Representation are listed below. Find your local representatives here, or explore all CTBUH and tall building activity worldwide with the

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