CTBUH Chapters and Regions represent groups throughout the globe through which CTBUH members can participate in initiatives where they live and work.


CTBUH Chapters and Regions are populated by country representatives, city representatives, and/or chapters and their boards, based on the representative structure in their respective region. If interested in becoming involved in your area, contact the CTBUH Membership Department.

CTBUH Regional Representative

A regional representative is a single person within a city or country leading CTBUH initiatives. Representatives are considered leaders within CTBUH and serve 2-year commitments. Representatives are encouraged to grow interest in their area, including forming committees to work on CTBUH initiatives.

CTBUH Regional Committees

A regional committee is a group of CTBUH members within a city or country leading CTBUH initiatives. A Regional Committee operates like a chapter but is not formally recognized as its own entity without the formal affiliation agreement.

CTBUH Chapter

A formal entity at the country or city level that operates as an independent entity with a signed chapter affiliate agreement and approved by-laws. Representatives from different cities within a country can form a committee.


Cities and countries with CTBUH representation are listed below. To join a local chapter or to connect with a member regionally, email [email protected] or fill out this form.