CTBUH brings together the top professionals shaping the future of cities. Members maximize their benefits and expand their network globally through participation in CTBUH leader groups and other volunteer opportunities.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for creating the long-term vision and strategy for the Council and its members.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group oversees and encourages robust member engagement from the assemblies, committees, chapters and regional groups that report to it. The Advisory Group liaises with the Board of Trustees to determine strategic priorities of the Council and then ensures that the work of these groups aligns with the Council’s goals.

College of Fellows

CTBUH Fellows are recognized for their contribution to the Council over an extended period of time, and in recognition of their work and the sharing of their knowledge in the design and construction of tall buildings and the urban habitat.

Other Leadership

Chapters & Regions

Chapters and Regional Representatives lead local events and initiatives. Each member in the local area can become involved in their region.

Assemblies and Committees

CTBUH Committees, sat underneath umbrella subject-specific "assemblies," meet to research the latest information, practices, and perspectives across disciplines and topics.

Designated Experts

This forward-facing position receives advanced member benefits and contributes to a more active role in CTBUH initiatives.

CTBUH Member Network and Leadership Structure

Board of Trustees Advisory Group Committees