CTBUH 2023 Regional Conferences

Over the years, CTBUH has coordinated representatives in cities and countries around the world to promote its activities on a local scale. However, we have identified the need for opportunities to develop regional themes and activities. In tandem with the launch of three Regional “Hubs” across the CTBUH Network: CTBUH Americas, CTBUH Europe, and CTBUH Asia, these three Regional Conferences will serve as the primary, annual gathering of these groups.

CTBUH regional hubs respond to the evolving needs of our members by providing opportunities for collaboration, networking, and other activities in a specific region. They will occupy the middle ground between the CTBUH’s global initiatives and annual International Conference, and the city-level chapters. 



CTBUH 2023 Americas Conference

11-12 May 2023, Seattle
Join CTBUH in the Emerald City for its inaugural Americas Regional Conference, “Green(er) Capital: Investing in a Sustainable, Urban Future.” The official launch of CTBUH Americas will bring together leaders and CTBUH members in the region for a full day of conference sessions and an evening networking reception on Thursday 11 May, followed by morning off-site tours on Friday 12 May.

CTBUH 2023 Europe Conference

22-23 June 2023, Frankfurt
Join CTBUH thought leaders and experts in high-density living to explore best practices in tall buildings and sustainable cities in Europe. The official launch of CTBUH Europe will bring together leaders and CTBUH members in the region for a leaders meeting/lunch followed by off-site tours and an evening networking reception on Thursday 22 June, followed by a full day of conference sessions on Friday, June 23.

CTBUH 2023 Asia Conference

14-17 Nov 2023, Shenzhen & Hong Kong
The first few decades of this century were marked by explosive urban growth throughout Asia, punctuated by seemingly innumerable new spires and skylines. As this vast market matures, its cities now contemplate a future in which growth is not the sole objective; rather, regeneration of the built environment and humanized high density are the goals. Economic, natural, physical and digital resources will be brought to bear as Earth’s most populous continent readies for climatic, social and economic change in the coming decades. Hear from its key city-shapers in Hong Kong 14-15 November (English only) or in Shenzhen 16-17 November (Chinese/English simultaneous translation).