ALL CTBUH Conferences

As the recognized international authority on tall buildings, CTBUH conferences differ significantly from the many commercial conferences now being held around the world, in terms of both quality of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities. CTBUH events offer a wide variety of benefits to attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

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Past Conferences

2009 Chicago Conference: Evolution of the Skyscraper

22-23 Oct 2009, Chicago

Tall Buildings have enjoyed two decades of unprecedented development – built in greater number, height and geographical spread than at any time in history.

CTBUH 2008 Moscow Conference: Gaining Height

22-24 Oct 2008, Moscow

Held in the prestigious setting of the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel Moscow, the 120 delegates in attendance were treated to an inspiring three days of information and cultural exchange.

2008 Dubai 8th World Congress: Tall and Green

3-5 Mar 2008, Dubai

The Congress hosted presentations, seminars and workshops covering virtually every aspect of tall building development, with a particular emphasis on sustainability.

2006 Chicago Conference: Thinking Outside the Box

25-26 Oct 2006, Chicago

The conference theme "Thinking Outside the Box: Tapered, Tilted, Twisted Towers" was addressed by many of the world's leading experts in architecture, engineering and construction.

2006 London Conference: Talking Tall 2

25 Sep 2006, London

Tall buildings are seen as a solution to high demand for city center space, as a tool for urban regeneration and as crucial landmarks to boost the brand identities of towns and cities.

2005 Nanjing International Symposium: Innovation & Sustainability

20-23 Nov 2005, Nanjing

Over 200 people attended this symposium held at Southeast University, one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of civil engineering in China.

2005 New York 7th World Congress: Renewing the Urban Landscape

16-19 Oct 2005, New York City

Renewing the Urban Landscape was set near one of America’s most complex and challenging rebuilding projects – the reconstruction of lower Manhattan.

2004 Seoul Conference: Tall Buildings in Historical Cities

10-13 Oct 2004, Seoul

Around 250 papers were presented at this conference, organized jointly by the CTBUH and the Architectural Institute of Korea.

2003 Kuala Lumpur Conference: Strategies for Performance

20-23 Oct 2003, Kuala Lumpur

This conference took place in Kuala Lumpur, the city that then held the title of containing the World’s Tallest Buildings.

2003 Stuttgart Conference: Tall Buildings and Transparency

5-7 Oct 2003, Stuttgart

2003 International Conference held in Stuttgart, Germany on Tall Buildings and Transparency from October 5-7, 2003

2001 London Conference: Technology, Livability, Productivitiy

9-12 Dec 2001, London

Conference held in London in 2001 on Technology, Livability and Productivity in buildings for the 21st century.

2001 Melbourne 6th World Congress: Cities in the Third Millennium

26 Feb-1 Mar 2001, Melbourne

This congress celebrated the Council’s interdisciplinary and international character, with equal emphasis on ‘tall buildings’ and the ‘urban habitat.’