Mansoor Hussain

Storm Samfunn v. Stormhuset, Adviser | Oslo, Norway


Mansoor Hussain is a Norwegian politician and urbanist. He previously worked in the Oslo government and is now an advisor at a lobby and PR-agency called Storm Samfunn. There he works with several of the biggest developers, architects, and names in urban planning in Oslo and Norway.

Hussain's experience encompasses various sectors of the Oslo city government. His most recent political role was as the political advisor to the governing mayor of Oslo, where he focused on urban development and planning. Prior to this, he served as the political advisor to the deputy mayor responsible for business and public ownership, as well as to the deputy mayor responsible for health and elderly care. He has also served as a former member of the Oslo City Council, where he was involved in the standing committee on urban development. Additionally, he is actively involved in the network organization Oslo…

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Mansoor Hussain