Will Hunter

The London School of Architecture, Founder | New York City, United States


Will is a British entrepreneur, educator, designer and writer. His interests lie at the intersection of cities, design, technology and people. Based in Manhattan, he is presently researching Builders of Change, a project exploring the role of entrepreneurs in the transformation of cities.

In 2015, Will founded the London School of Architecture, which he conceived in 2010 as an alternative educational provider to widen access into the architectural profession in the UK. Integrating a new financial and teaching model that unites academia and practice, Will raised $1.25m to support the LSA’s foundation and established a partner network of 200 London practices comprising 20,000 employees globally. At his departure, the LSA had 50+ staff, 100+ students and 125+ alumni. In 2021, the school’s intake, which from 2015 had grown 40% annually, was 40% people of colour and 55% women.

In 2021/22,…

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Will Hunter