CTBUH Continues Growth: New Assemblies Announced


In 2022, CTBUH launched a number of assemblies to reinforce the member-driven nature of the organization. Assemblies form a large umbrella around a topic, akin to a special interest group. They are intended to be multidisciplinary and facilitate discussion and outputs regarding best practices and the latest innovations. Assemblies meet virtually several times a year and last year were involved in organizing and hosting the workshops at the CTBUH 2022 International Conference, in Chicago. The Council is interested in launching three new assemblies. If you are interested in collaborating with colleagues in these areas, please fill out the forms below.


Assembly of SMART Technologies

As buildings and cities are required to be smarter, we are looking for members in this sector to come together and discuss the latest developments and technologies in the built environment. This forum will focus on the technologies behind the smart component but also how they interact with users and urban infrastructure. Smart is also the way to achieve new levels of sustainability, artificial intelligence, and our relationship with nature. A workshop at the CTBUH 2023 International Conference, in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, will be the first undertaking of the assembly.

If you are interested in joining SMART Technologies assembly, please complete this form by Friday, 16 June.


Assembly of Tenants

Knowing more about tenants in our cities has long been a goal of CTBUH. This assembly will focus on the people -private individuals, corporate tenants, and commercial organizations- who live in tall buildings. What do they think? Why did they do it? What are their expectations? What are their concerns? This assembly is for tenants, state agents, property managers and in general for all those working on making high-rise living a unique experience. This is an assembly to discuss the challenges and innovation opportunities that a life in the sky can bring.

If you are interested in being involved in this assembly, please complete this form by Friday, 16 June.

If you know someone who is a tenant in a high rise, and you think they might be interested in participating, please share this link to the form: www.ctbuh.org/TenantsAssembly


Assembly of Visual Artists

This assembly is for professionals and amateurs who experience tall buildings and density through visual arts, mainly photography and video. Please consider connecting us with the artists who do your computer generated images, video makers, and the photographers who are both part of the design process and the documenting of the finished projects. We are also open to movie makers with a focus on cities. This would be an opportunity to join CTBUH in a different technical capacity, adding a compelling, more humanistic, and artistic layer to CTBUH, and establish the basis for a publication exploring the Image of Density in 2024.

If you are interested in the Assembly of Visual Artists, please complete this form by Friday, 16 June.

If you know someone who is an artist, photographer, and/or videographer, and you think they might be interested in participating, please share this link to the form: www.ctbuh.org/VisualArtistsAssembly


Find out more about our various topic-driven assemblies, and associated committees, which encourage knowledge sharing on topics such as architecture, sustainability, construction, development and engineering. Discover which assembly or committee is right for you. To express interest in joining any of these assemblies and/or committees, please complete this form.

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