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Seoul Government Officials Visit CTBUH Headquarters

12 Jul 2018, Chicago

Officials from the Seoul Metropolitan Government visited CTBUH Headquarters to learn more about new technologies and the future of tall buildings.

Sustainable Vertical Urbanism Forum

9 Jul 2018, Shanghai

“Sustainable Vertical Urbanism” symposium held by CTBUH/Tongji with speakers including CTBUH Academic & Teaching Committee members.

TAIPEI 101 Hosts "Global Tall: Trends, Drivers and Challenges"

28 Jun 2018, Taipei

TAIPEI 101 hosted an event called “Global Tall: Skyscraper Trends, Drivers and Challenges” to discuss the global trends of skyscraper construction, the forum saw valued guests from industry participants, government agencies and academia, including: CTBUH Advisory Board member Joseph Chou and CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood.

CTBUH Participates in the China Zun Forum

22 Jun 2018, Beijing

CTBUH participated in the China Zun Forum which explored how the China Zun tower can serve as an innovative model for the international tall building industry.

CTBUH Signboard Unveiled at Suzhou IFS

20 Jun 2018, Suzhou

Suzhou IFS recently installed a CTBUH Signboard, recognizing the building as the eighth tallest building in mainland China and the tallest building in the Jiangsu province.

CTBUH Sydney Design Excellence: 280 George Street

20 Jun 2018, Sydney

The CTBUH Sydney Committee hosted the second installment of the 2018 Design Excellence Series, a discussion of the competition design thinking for 280 George Street.

CTBUH New York Tours ARO

20 Jun 2018, New York City

CTBUH New York attended a tour of the ARO building, known for its avant-garde approach to maximizing space and providing direct outdoor access for its residents.

CTBUH China Hosts Tall Building Symposium

19 Jun 2018, Chicago

CTBUH China held its board meeting at Tongji University in Shanghai, which was followed by a half-day symposium titled "The Future of Vertical Cities"

2018 China-Korea-Japan Tall Building Forum

15 Jun 2018, Busan

The 2018 China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum was held on June 15th, 2018 at the Busan Haeundae Grand Hotel in Korea.

CTBUH Australia Explores the Design of Collins Arch

7 Jun 2018, Melbourne

CTBUH Melbourne hosted its first event of 2018, a case study of Collins Arch, composed as two buildings with linked floor plates in the center of Melbourne's Central Business District.

CTBUH Leaders Meet at Annual Awards Event

1 Jun 2018, Chicago

The first 2018 Leaders Meeting brought together CTBUH leaders from around the world to provide mid-year updates on the Council's major initiatives.

CTBUH Seattle Tours Kiara

31 May 2018, Seattle

The CTBUH Seattle Chapter recently toured Kiara, previously known as 970 Denny Way, a mixed-use, high-rise development in Seattle.

Emerging Queensland: What's Next for South East Queensland?

31 May 2018, Brisbane

The CTBUH Brisbane Committee recently hosted the second installment of its Emerging Queensland series, which focused on building resilient cities in South East Queensland.

CTBUH Colombo 2018 Tall Building Forum

31 May 2018, Colombo

The 2018 Tall Building Forum brought together many prominent tall building professionals across a wide variety of disciplines for an evening of presentations and discussion.

CTBUH UK Hosts Discussion: Protecting or Prohibiting?

22 May 2018, London

The CTBUH UK Chapter held an event discussing the subject: “Are London’s Viewing Corridors Protecting or Prohibiting our City's Growth?"