CTBUH Chapter Event

CTBUH Canada Chapter Presents: Seismic Performance of Modular Steel Buildings

Wednesday, 16 June 2021 | Online Event

Modular construction is a highly industrialized construction method where 3D modules are fully finished in the factory and are assembled in the site to form a permanent building. By prioritizing off-site manufacture, the modular method greatly minimizes on-site work leading to improved quality, reduced overall construction time, and lessen environmental impacts. Modular construction is efficient for buildings with repeatable units, such as multi-family residential dwellings, student housing, hospitals, hotels, and offices. Although most of the existing modular buildings are low-rise, in the past 10 years the modular technique has been applied to buildings taller than 20 stories.

Despite the recent achievements of the modular construction industry, studies on the dynamic behavior of modular buildings are still limited. Such studies are crucial to safely expand the application of modular construction to high-rise buildings. To contribute to the modular construction market, the University of Toronto and DIALOG Design have conducted an extensive research on the seismic performance of braced modular steel buildings. This presentation will cover the main findings of this recently published research as well as structural aspects of high-rise modular buildings around the world. 

Number of attendees: 48


Tarana Haque, Engineer, Technical Sales, Cast Connex
Omer Faruk Isik, Conseng
Vicki Hrap, DIALOG
Thomas Wu, Principal, DIALOG
Tom Greenough, Entuitive Corporation
Ali Biglari, Golestan University
Foo Bar, Individuals
Oya Mercan, Individuals
Carlos Meri, Individuals
Rafaela Sanches, Individuals
Cian Scanlon, Individuals
Abdul hannan Siddeeq, Individuals
MIN ZHANG, Individuals
Farhang Haghighat, Structural Designer, Jablonsky, Ast and Partners
Jeff Watson, Jablonsky, Ast and Partners
Manuel Gomez, MIA sas
Nick Gillespie, Structural Practice Leader - NZ, Mott MacDonald
Daniel Jaffe, Mott MacDonald
Val Tibay, Mott MacDonald
Bradley Wilson, Mott MacDonald
Mahesh Iyer, Plural Architecture and Design
Grant Milligan, Quinn Dressel Associates
Stanley Cheng, RJC Engineers
Christophe Comeau, RJC Engineers
Adam Lubell, RJC Engineers
Paola Miglietta, RJC Engineers
John Park, RJC Engineers
Clinton Plett, RJC Engineers
James Pye, RJC Engineers
Phillip Quach, Structural Engineer, RJC Engineers
David Ruggiero, RJC Engineers
Karanpal Singh, RJC Engineers
Matt Soda, RJC Engineers
Brittany Yap, RJC Engineers
Radu Enache, Robert Bird Group
Anton Davies, Founding Partner, RWDI
Brian Robert Sinclair, Sinclair Studio
Roberto Lagunas Tamayo, General director, Strukktura
Spaska Racheva, Strukto
Ryan Rakhmat Setiadi, Structural Engineer, TTW Indonesia
Navid Assemani, WSP UK Limited
Isis Bennet, WSP UK Limited