CTBUH China Event

CTBUH China Presents: Mixed-Use Community

Thursday, 17 June 2021 | Hangzhou

CTBUH China holds a symposium on the theme "Mixed-Use Community“. The event is held at OōEli, Hangzhou. CTBUH China Board and several industry guests were invited to discuss topics such as community planning, design, technology, and operation. After the event there was a tour of OōEli, an office park opened in 2020, first project of Renzo Piano Building Workshop in China.


Xianlong Chai

Former Director, Zhejiang Development Planning Research Institute

Dan Cheong

Partner, Büro Ole Scheeren
Beijing, China

Todd E.Pilgreen

Executive Director, Gensler
Chicago, United States

Ci Fang

Director of Alicloud, Alibaba Group
HangZhou, United States
Executive President, GOA (Group of Architects)
Hangzhou, China

Tan Huang

Design Diector, Ping An Real Estate Co Ltd
Shenzhen, China

Chao Li

Executive CEO, GOA (Group of Architects)
Hangzhou, China
General Manager Assistant, Jinmao (China) Hotel Investments and Management Limited
Shanghai, China

Zhongxiao Lu

Executive Director, Nikken Sekkei Ltd
Tokyo, Japan

Haowen Wei

General Manager, The Ensinger Group

Yuan Yi

Vice General Manager, China Resources Land

You Yu

Xun Zhang

Principal, GOA (Group of Architects)
Hangzhou, China

Scenes from the day

Over 200 attendees anticipate fascinating lectures.
Guests of the event pose for a group photo.
CTBUH China Office Shasha Wang delivers some opening remarks and introduction of CTBUH.
CTBUH China Office director Peng Du gives welcome remarks via video.
Tan Huang, Design Director, Ping An Real Estate, is emcee of session 1.
Jian He, Executive President, GOA, says some words to open the event.
Todd E. Pilgreen, Managing Director, Gensler, speaks a few words of welcome towards attendees.
You Yu, COO, Citiexpo, shows welcome to attendees.
Todd E. Pilgreen, Managing Director, Gensler, gives his speech.
Yi Yuan, Vice General Manager, China Resource, presents at the conference.
Jian Ling, Executive President, GOA, offers their perspective.
Xianlong Chai, Former Director, Zhejiang Development Planning Research Institute, delivers a presentation.
Xun Zhang, Chief Architect, GOA, is emcee of session 2.
Chao Li, Senior Fellow, Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals Co., Ltd., gives a speech.
Haowen Wei, General Manager, Ensinger, gives a speech.
Zhongxiao Lu, Executive Director, Nikken Sekkei Ltd, talks about community design.
Chao Liu, general manager assistant, Jinmao (China) Hotel Investment Management Co., Ltd., speaks about their projects.
Dan Cheong, Partner, Buro Ole Scheeren, shares their thoughts.
Ci Fang, Director, Alicloud, offers their perspective.
Visiting OōEli, an office park, Hangzhou.