CTBUH China Event

CTBUH China Presents: Polycentric Cities

Thursday, 27 May 2021 | Chengdu

CTBUH China holds a symposium on the theme "polycentric cites". The event is held at Luxelakes Eco-city, Chengdu. The CTBUH China Board and several industry guests were invited to discuss topics such as city planning, design, technology, and operation. There is a tour of Chengdu Raffles City in the morning, and a tour of Luxelakes Eco-city after the event.


Vice President, Major Projects, KONE Corporation
Espoo, Finland

Xin Jin

Deputy Chief Engineer, Arup

Rui Liang

Deputy Chief Architect, Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Chengdu, China
General Manager, Project Development, Chongqing, CapitaLand Development Pte Ltd
Chongqing, China

Jingjun Wang

Head of Management Department, JLL - Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Singapore, Singapore
Global Design Principal, Aedas
Hong Kong, China

Yang Yaping

General Manager, Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Chengdu, China
Co-Founder/Executive Director, AI SpaceFactory
New York City, United States

Scenes from the day

Over 200 attendees anticipate fascinating lectures.
Guests of the event pose for a group photo.
CTBUH China Office Associate Director Jiaqi Qu delivers some opening remarks.
Sascha Brozek, Vice President, KONE, speaks a few words of welcome towards attendees.
Yaping Yang, Chief Architect, Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group, shows welcome to attendees.
Sascha Brozek, Vice President, KONE, gives his speech.
Yichen Li, Senior Manager, KONE, presents at the conference.
Rui Liang, Deputy Chief Architect, Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group, offers their perspective.
Andy Wen, Director, Aedas, delivers a presentation.
Huimin Cao, Deputy Director, Ping An Real Estate, gives a speech with Zhizhe Yu.
Zhizhe Yu, co-founder, AI., gives a speech with Huimin Cao.
Goh Huan Tong, General Manager, CapitaLand, shares their thoughts.
Yong Ding, Director, KPF, talks about their design.
Yong Zheng, Chief Architect, China Southwest Architecture, speaks about their projects.
Jingjun Wang, Head of Management Department, JLL, offers his presentation.
Visitors of Raffles City pose a photo.
Visiting Raffles City, with dozens of attendees.
Attendees start a visit of Luxelakes Eco-city.
Visiting Luxelakes Eco-city, with attractive scenery.