CTBUH China Event

CTBUH China Presents: Near-Ground Spaces in and between Tall Buildings

Thursday, 29 July 2021 | Shanghai

CTBUH China holds a symposium on the theme "Near-Ground Spaces in and between Tall Buildings“. The event is held at Xintiandi, Shanghai. CTBUH China Board and several industry guests were invited to discuss topics such as spatial association of vertical cities, urbanity of tall buildings, etc. The relationship between tall building near ground space and urban environment is inseparable.


APAC Office Leader, Shanghai Office Director, and Principal, CallisonRTKL
Shanghai, China
Co-Founder and Managing Director, AI SpaceFactory
New York City, United States
Managing Director, Design Principle, Jiang Architects & Engineers
Shanghai, China

Xin Tian

Director, RFR Asia
Shanghai, China

Kesuo Wu

Creative Director, gad
Hangzhou, China

Scenes from the day

Over 100 attendees anticipate fascinating lectures.
Some guests of the event pose for a group photo.
Lovely coffee break.
CTBUH China Office Associate Director Jiaqi Qu delivers some opening remarks and introduction of CTBUH.
Zhendong Wang, Professor, Tongji University, shows welcome to attendees.
May Wei, Vice President, CRTKL, says some words to open the event, and gives her speech.
Lizhi Ren, Vice President, TJAD, delivers a presentation.
Zhizhe Yu, Managing Director, AI., talks about multiple cities coexisting with nature.
Chun Jiang, General Manager, JAE, offers their perspective.
Zhendong Wang, Professor, Tongji University, talks about urbanity of tall buildings.
Xin Tian, Executive President, bpi, shares their thoughts.
Hui Yu, Executive President, RFR, speaks about their projects.
Kesuo Wu, Creative Director, gad, offers their perspective.
Participants enjoy the event.