Data Studies

The Research & Thought Leadership division of the CTBUH performs objective research at all scales and distributes findings in the form of data studies that highlight critical issues facing tall buildings and future cities.

Latest Study

20 October 2018 | CTBUH Journal, 2018 Issue IV

The Middle East: 30+ Years of Building Tall

The Middle East region is hosting its first CTBUH International Conference since 2008. In that year, there were 119 completed buildings of 150 meters or greater height. Ten years l...

27 April 2018 | CTBUH Journal, 2018 Issue II

World's Tallest Demolished Buildings

Although the world has more than 1,300 buildings of 200 meters or higher, no tall building of more than 187 meters has been demolished, with the exception of the World Trade Center...

5 February 2018 | CTBUH Journal, 2018 Issue I

Interactive Study on The Global Tall Building Picture: Impact of 2017

In 2017, 144 buildings of 200 meters’ height or greater were completed. This is the fourth record-breaking year in a row, and it brings the total number of 200-meter-plus buildings...

30 October 2017 | CTBUH Journal, 2017 Issue IV

Australia: Rising Up Down Under

Australia is one of the world’s least densely-populated countries, and yet it has one of the highest proportions of urban dwellers, a figure that is increasing. A boom in tall buil...

8 August 2017 | CTBUH Journal, 2017 Issue III

Vertical Transportation: Ascent & Acceleration

As part of a recent collaboration with the Guinness Book of World Records, CTBUH certified that Shanghai Tower has the fastest elevator and the longest elevator run of all commerci...

20 April 2017 | CTBUH Journal, 2017 Issue II

Tall Timber: A Global Audit

In the past few years, the tall building industry has become increasingly interested in the use of timber as a major structural element in skyscrapers. This has resulted in a now-w...