Data Studies

The Research & Thought Leadership division of the CTBUH performs objective research at all scales and distributes findings in the form of data studies that highlight critical issues facing tall buildings and future cities.

Latest Study

3 April 2023 | CTBUH Journal 2023 Issue I

Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2022: World Surpasses 2,000 Buildings of 200 Meters or Greater Height

This report shows that 147 buildings of 200 meters’ height or greater were completed in 2022, a 25 percent increase from 2021, when 118 such buildings were completed. Disruptions...

8 November 2022 | CTBUH Journal 2022 Issue IV

Sea-Level Rise Susceptibility

By 2100, average sea levels are predicted to rise up to as much as 2.2 meters (7 feet)1, and coastal cities—and consequently, tall buildings—face a near-immediate threat. In this s...

23 May 2022 | CTBUH Journal 2022 Issue I

Interactive Study - The State of Tall Timber: A Global Audit

This data study represents the significant recent momentum of the mass-timber movement worldwide. There are now 139 mass timber buildings around the world of eight stories or highe...

3 January 2022 | CTBUH Journal 2022 Issue I

Interactive Study on Tall Buildings in 2021: A State of Current Construction

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has released its annual report, CTBUH Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2021, part of the Tall Buildings in Numbers data analysis serie...

17 September 2021 | CTBUH Journal 2021 Issue III

Emissions-Reduction Strategies

The construction sector accounts for 39 percent of all global emissions, but to avoid catastrophic climate-related disasters, these emissions must be reduced significantly, with m...

8 September 2021 | CTBUH Journal 2021 Issue IV

Interactive Study on The Global Impact of 9/11 on Tall Buildings

In the immediate aftermath of the terrible events of 9/11, the age of the skyscraper seemed to be at an end. After witnessing the collapse of the World Trade Center towers due to t...