Carol Willis is the founder, director, and curator of The Skyscraper Museum. An architectural and urban historian, she has researched, taught, and written about the history of American city building. She is the author of Form Follows Finance: Skyscrapers and Skylines in New York and Chicago (Princeton Architectural Press, 1995: 2008), which received an AIA book award and was named ""Best Book on North American Urbanism, 1995"" by the Urban History Association. Critic Herbert Muschamp has praised Ms. Willis in The New York Times as ""the brilliant and energetic woman who created the Skyscraper Museum in 1996 from nothing but her imagination, her passion for New York architecture, and her belief in the importance of history and the value of the public realm.""

Ms. Willis is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Urban Studies at Columbia University where since 1989 she has taught in the program The…

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Annual Conference, Keynote Speaker (Shanghai 2014)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2009; New York 2015; China 2016; Chicago 2019)

Annual Conference, Session Chair (2016)


20 December 2016

Thursday October 20, 2016. Hong Kong, China. Vijay Jayachandran of Otis Elevator Company; Carol Willis of The Skyscraper Museum in New York City; Ada Y.S....


28 October 2019

Carol Willis, The Skyscraper Museum

In both professional circles and in the public eye, the subject of the World’s Tallest Building (WTB) has held the spotlight for more than a...


17 October 2016

Carol Willis, The Skyscraper Museum

This paper highlights a new 21st-century skyscraper typology – the very tall and slender residential tower – and analyzes the economic, engineering, and urbanistic forces...