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New Annex Building Proposed for Gold Tower in Brisbane

(c) Cavill Architects
(c) Cavill Architects
06 January 2023 | Brisbane, Australia

Marquette Properties has submitted a development application for an eight-story Annex building located nearby the Gold Tower at 10 Eagle Street, Brisbane CBD.

Designed by Cavill Architects, the proposal involves replacing the existing annex structure with a low-profile development, providing 5,710 square meters of commercial space as well as retail and public space upgrades. 

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The design of the Annex building seeks to compliment the modernism displayed in the Gold Tower building. The design mirrors the gold façade color of the parent tower and features curved profiles and reflective glazing.

The development also includes a new two story retail tenancy situated on the northern corner of the site as well as two smaller retail tenancies along Market Street.

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