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Funding is Acquired for Proposed 500+ Meter Building in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City. Photo by Justin Prine on Unsplash
Oklahoma City. Photo by Justin Prine on Unsplash
13 March 2024 | Oklahoma City, United States

The developer for the Boardwalk at Bricktown in downtwon Oklahoma City has said to have secured financing in order to build the proposed country's tallest skyscraper. Matteson of Matteson Capital said the plans for hotels, condos and the 1,907-foot legacy tower is fully financed, with a current price tag of about $1.5 billion USD.

The project is currently under review after appying for a heigh variance to reach over 1900 feet (570 meters). The city council will have to give approval, but even if it is not given, the project will still be able to move forward with the original plans to have the Legands Tower at 350 feet (107 meters). 

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The Oklahoma City Planning Commission will have a public hearing about the project on 11 April 2024 and then another hearing is set with the city council in June 2024.

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