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Damage Caused in Acapulco by Hurricane Otis

Photo by Anngell Díaz on Unsplash
Photo by Anngell Díaz on Unsplash
26 October 2023 | Acapulco, Mexico

On Tuesday, 23 October, Hurricane Otis made landfall on the coast of Mexico, resulting in the tragic loss of 27 lives and severe damage to Acapulco's infrastructure. Satellite images indicated that Otis had rapidly intensified Tuesday with estimated wind speeds between 130-145 kt. The initial wind speed is was set at 140 kt, categorizing Otis as a Category 5 hurricane. In 24 hours, Otis experienced an explosive intensification of 95 kt, a level of strength that has only been surpassed by Patricia in 2015.

Residents in impoverished neighborhoods are expressing concerns that the government's primary focus may be on restoring the city's tourism infrastructure, which is crucial for the local economy. There is apprehension that aid and support may not reach those in the greatest need.

In response to the situation, the Mexican government has deployed the military to assist with relief efforts. Flora Contreras Santos, a housewife residing in a disadvantaged neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, took the initiative to approach the soldiers. She aimed to draw their attention to the tragedy that unfolded on her street during the peak of the hurricane on Tuesday night.

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