Walking Tour

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Shanghai

Friday, 21 October 2022 | Shanghai



The Global Walking Tours have been held since 2014 to celebrate urban habitat aspects that make cities great. This year's  theme is Height and Heritage, visiting tall buildings incorporating or within heritage contexts.

As the third of the mixed-use BM Plaza project, the exciting Phase III of the series will feature a 161,253-square-meter addition north of Suzhou Creek. Historically an industrial area, the BM Plaza Phase III is a long line of cultural projects along the creek, aimed to bring a fresh air of contemporary urban lifestyle to this northern area of Shanghai. The entire project’s plot, comprising of housing, three hotels, four office towers and a 76, 176-square-meter podium of retail spaces, proposes a high density building complex as landmark in view from the both sides of the river. In a neighborhood with very few historic buildings, Gensler managed to preserve four existing historic Shanghainese-style “Shikumen” villas within the master plan of the design. Located with an outdoor leisure space, these houses are permeable to both the residents of the building and to pedestrians who happen to wander in.


Starting Location: 静安国际中心商场, 上海市静安区普济路28号
JIC, No. 28, Puji Road, JingAn District, Shanghai


Tour Route

17:00 Gather together.
17:10 visit JIC, No. 28, Puji Road, JingAn District, Shanghai
18:30 Walking along Suzhou Creek.
19:00 Social time


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