9/11: A Catalyst for Skyscraper Growth?

Data study unveils salient tall building trends worldwide over 30 years.

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Applications Open Now: 2022 CTBUH Awards Program

The CTBUH Awards program honors projects and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment. Join the extraordinary and submit before 30 September 2021.

The Event of the Year, Across 16 Cities

With over 16 cities to choose from, the CTBUH 2021 Conference lets everyone engage with the CTBUH network at a location that matters most to them, where they can make a difference in advancing urban environments. Find your spot and register today.

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CTBUH refutes conspiracy theories regarding 9/11, and the rejection of science in society.

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What are the Unique Opportunities and Challenges in Designing High-Density in Europe?

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