CTBUH President Antony Wood sits on Jury for the Wanshan Lake Eco-Tech City International Design Competition

Wuxi, China. 9 June 2023 

CTBUH President Antony Wood and fellow jury panel members for the Wanshan Lake Eco-Tech City International Design Competition.
Models of the competition entries in front of the jury panel.
Dr. Wood gives jury comment on the designs.
Judges deliberate around a design entry model.
Competition entry (c)Gensler
Competition entry (c)Perkins Eastman
Competition entry (c)UNStudio
Competition entry (c)Rocco
Competition entry (c)HPP
Competition entry (c)Obermeyer
Competition entry (c)Woods Bagot + CCDI


On 9 June 2023, CTBUH President Antony Wood sat on the jury panel for the Wanshan Lake Eco-Tech City International Design Competition in Wuxi, as part of his 10-day trip across four cities in China. Wood was joined by six other jurors in evaluating seven innovative designs proposed by world-renowned architectural groups; Gensler, HPP, Obermeyer, Perkins Eastman, Rocco Design, UNStudio, and Woods Bagot, for the 27 square kilometer site. 

Wanshan lake is the largest and most complete site remaining for development in Wuxi city, which sits between two major Chinese cities – Shanghai and Nanjing. Thus, this project is significant in the further urban development of the Shanghai-Nanjing economic corridor. 


9 June 2023. Antony Wood gives jury comment on the competition entries.

The competition brief comprised a total of 12 urban plots and the spaces in between, such as roads, landscape, waterfront, and underground areas. The brief called for two signature towers towards the lakeside with a number of urban blocks, amidst landscaping, extending back. A separate site to the north was earmarked exclusively for residential development. 

In their schemes, design firms were tasked with emphasizing the comprehensive development of offices and supporting facilities while still promoting creative exchange. They were also asked to pay special attention to the relationship with the Wanshan Lake Ecological Wetland, in prioritizing sustainable design and utilizing the environmental advantages surrounding the plot.


Competition entry by Perkins Eastman, first place winner and the recipient of the "Extraordinary Design Award"

Organized by the local municipality, the presentation and jury day was an elaborate event. Taking place in the ballroom of the Radisson Hotel Wuxi, each design proposal was portrayed with a physical model, a graphic pinup, and a twenty-minute presentation from the design team, in both English and Chinese languages. Each jury member then asked questions of the design team and an additional audience of around 60 colleagues from the local municipality added to the gravitas of the proceedings. 

After evaluating the plans and their design models, Wood and fellow jurors discussed and cast votes. The first-place winner, receiving the “Extraordinary Design Award”, was Perkins Eastman. In second was Rocco winning the “Future Style Award,” and in third was HPP winning the "Impressive Creativity Award."