UK Chapter Regenerative Roundtable Summary

27 September 2023, London

We need more than just regenerative design; we need regenerative thinking, which will, in turn, lead to regenerative design.


- Doug Baldock

On 27 September 2023, committee members for the regenerative design group, along with other leaders and experts in the industry, met at the Ramboll headquarters in London to have a roundtable discussion. The CTBUH UK Chapter has been investigating the prominent topic of Regenerative Design through several events. From this roundtable dialogue, a document was produced summarizing the event and looking at the status quo, potentials, and steps forward for regenerative design. 


The aim is to establish if regenerative design is truly possible.

Three major themes emerged throughout this roundtable discussion, namely, conscious design, government intervention, and mindset change. As a term, regenerative design is rapidly overtaking restorative design, which has been the dominant approach for the past decade. A common language still needs to be established for regenerative design to help articulate what it is and the benefits it has for the future of building construction. During the discussion, it was emphasized that this is more than checking a box. Striving for net zero is not enough anymore, and to be truly regenerative, more needs to be done to produce a net positive impact.


Read the summary here



UK Chapter Committee Members in the Regenerative Design Group

Doug Baldock, WSP (previous Head of Department, High Rise Buildings, UK, Ramboll)  
James Pinkerton, Architect  
Vince Ugarow, Design Director, Hilson Moran


Roundtable Attendees

Doug Baldock, WSP
Chris Blust, AKT II
Stanislava Boskovic, Imperial College  
Christopher Breiner, Pre Con Vision
Paolo Zilli, Zaha Hadid Architects

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