Zhong Liu

Expert Chinese Translation Committee

Jensen Hughes, Senior Consultant | Beijing, China


Mr. Liu has 20 years of experience in the field of fire protection engineering design, consultation, and inspection in both the United States and abroad. He is known for his proficiency in the use and application of the current China National Technical Standard of Fire Protection in construction engineering, design, and inspection for Fire Alarm and Extinguishing Systems.

Mr. Liu serves as a Senior Consultant in Aon FPE’s Washington, DC, office, responsible for design, consultation, and inspection of new and retrofit fire alarm systems. Other responsibilities include the development of performance-based design solutions for various facility types / industry sectors.

Mr. Liu has extensive experience in design, inspection, and testing of fire protection and life safety systems. Prior to joining Aon FPE, Mr. Liu served as a Chief Fire Inspector and Code Official in Beijing, China. In this role, he…

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Zhong Liu


Expert Chinese Translation Committee (2014 – Present)