Vincent Lavergne

Vincent Lavergne Architecture and Urbanism, Architect, Founding Partner | Paris, France


Vincent Lavergne is an architect, urban planner and the founding partner of the office VLAU. He was born in Paris in 1982 and graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture of Paris La Villette. He co-founded the Nadau Lavergne office in 2008 and the Vincent Lavergne office in 2017 in Paris. In 2012, he won both the Albums des Jeunes Architectes award and the Palmarès des Jeunes Urbanistes award.

Leading a team of twenty, he takes on many projects both in France and abroad, focusing his work at the articulation between architecture and urbanism.

Alongside his architecture practice, Vincent Lavergne carries out various research and education activities, he conducts theoretical research and teaching, exhibitions and publications, and lecturing around the world. In 2015, he became involved as an editorialist writer in Tous urbains, an urban planning magazine directed by…

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Vincent Lavergne