Vince Pirrello

Woods Bagot, Asia Executive Chairman | Hong Kong, China


Vince has been with Woods Bagot for over 22 years and sits on the Board of Directors serving as the Asia Executive Chairman for the Asia Pacific region. He has accumulated extensive international experiences having worked throughout Asia, Australia, Middle East and China.

Vince’s creativity in design has won him numerous international awards. His approach to design is always balanced by a high degree of commercial acumen, strong financial and project management skills. The success of his career is also based on his respect for clients, ensuring that the clients receiving the best professional services at all times.


Annual Conference, Session Chair (2016)

Annual Conference, Steering Committee (China 2016)


19 October 2016

Wendsday, October 19, 2016. Guangzhou, China. Vince Pirrello of Woods Bagot; Chris Wilkinson of Wilkinson Eyre; William Murray of Wordsearch and David Tickle of HASSELL,...