Ulrich Hartard

Düsseldorf, Germany


Born 16 September 1958 in Kirrwiller near Strasbourg.
School in Neustadt/ Weinstraße, Matura 1978.
Studies of architecture at the University of Darmstadt, among others with Prof. Günther Behnisch until 1983.
Planning at Faust Consult, Mainz, for the projects Hofheim Hospital and Marienhospital Darmstadt until 1989.
Office manager at Architect Hiltrop in Darmstadt. Planning and site supervision for various industrial construction projects until 1994.
Senior project manager at Bauwert Projektentwicklung in Berlin. Project management for various major projects, office and residential, until 2008.
Since 2008 senior project manager at die developer Projektentwicklung and responsible for the realisation of the project Kö- Bogen and Horizon (L'Oréal) in Düsseldorf.

Ulrich Hartard


Innovation Conference, Speaker (Chicago 2020)