Terri Meyer Boake

University of Waterloo, Professor | Toronto, Canada


Terri Meyer Boake is a full professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Waterloo since 1986 teaching in the areas of building construction, architecturally exposed structural steel, environmental design and film. She researches steel construction for the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction, working with them to publish the CISC Guide for Specifying Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel. She has published Understanding Steel Design: An Architectural Design Manual (Birkhäuser 2012), Diagrid Structures: Systems, Connections, Details (Birkhäuser 2014) and Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (2015). Complex Steel Structures: Non-Orthogonal Geometries in Building with Steel is due for publication in 2020. She has lectured worldwide on applications in Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel.

She travels widely to present at international conferences and document…

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CTBUH Designated Expert


Skyscraper Center Editorial Board, Member (2022 – Present)

Tall Building Academic & Teaching Committee, Member (2018 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Shanghai 2014; China 2016; Chicago 2019)

Height and Data Committee (2014 – 2017)

Annual Conference, Session Chair (Australia 2017; Chicago 2019)

Annual Conference, Panel Moderator (Middle East 2018)


30 October 2017

CTBUH 2017 Australia Conference - Session 3C: Tall Timber Q&A

Monday 30 October, 2017. Sydney, Australia. Terri Meyer Boake, Professor, University of Waterloo, chairs the question and answer session with Philip Vivian, Director, Bates Smart;...


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01 December 2016

The Emergence of the Diagrid - It’s All About the Node

Terri Meyer Boake, University of Waterloo

The diagrid structural system for constructing tall buildings is a recent invention. Debuting in 2004 with the construction of the Swiss Re Tower in London,...


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17 October 2016

Unpacking Composite Construction: Global Trends

Terri Boake, University of Waterloo

There has been a marked shift away from the use of steel as the primary structural system that had long been the Western standard for...


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