Susan Jones

atelierjones llc, Principal Architect, Founder | Seattle, United States


Susan Jones is an architect and founder of Seattle-based atelierjones. The firm is driving new pathways within architecture, advancing new lower-carbon, mass timber systems by designing and building prototypes at multiple scales, girded by her leadership in multiple international collaborations to create change at scale and insure rigor on multiple levels. A solely woman-owned architectural firm, atelierjones, designs prefabricated mass timber urban infill residential projects, including a 126-unit, 8-story mass timber middle-income residential building which specifically advances the new Type IV-C Tall Wood building codes and correlative design detailing that Susan helped craft and guide through the ICC Code regulatory processes. Her prolific work over the last nine years to advance and restructure the carbon-intensive construction industry towards lower-carbon materials is an exemplary example…

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CTBUH Designated Expert


23 May 2022

Heartwood Workforce Housing : Glulam / CLT and Steel BRB Frames

Heartwood is a 126-unit workforce housing project, one of the first Type IV-C 8-story mass timber/steel hybrid and is currently under construction in Seattle, WA....


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