Sreenivas Narayanan

Siderise, Global Partnerships Director | Dubai, United Arab Emirates


I am currently the Technical and Compliance Director for India, the Middle East, and South Asia Pacific at Siderise Insulation Ltd and responsible for developing, implementation and adaptation of technical strategy for the region. Also, the primary responsibility within the group for effective technical frameworks, metrics, process and technical development plan for the organization's continuous growth and improvement in addition to overseeing the day to day activity of the technical team.

My experience in the passive fire protection industry lies in developing business in new markets, promoting the technology of fire containment in modern building construction, and undertaking comprehensive fire testing programs. In my current role I have collaborated with over 57 different cladding manufacturers to complete more than 200 large scale system façade tests in addition to a large number of…

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Sreenivas Narayanan

CTBUH Designated Expert