Rosa Cervera

Cervera & Pioz Architects, Co-Founder and Principal | Madrid, Spain


Ph. D. Architect, (Polytechnic University, Madrid). Fellowship at the Academy of Spain in Rome. Professor and current Director of the “Master Avanzado en Poroyecto de Arquitectura y Ciudad” and “Eco-Futuring, Design Lab for the Green City” at Alcalá University and former Dean of the School of Architecture. Visiting Scholar at GSAPP, Columbia University.

Co-Founder and principal of Cervera & Pioz, architects, based in Madrid and Pune (India). Golden Global Award, given by Architecture + Design and Spectrum Foundation (Singapur), Honors Award given by the “Foundation for Architectural and Environmental Awareness” in India, Award of Madrid City Hall, Award of Madrid Architects Association. Cervera & Pioz has won several international architectural competitions.

Her architecture has been widely published by a large set of magazines, newspapers, TV Programs, conferences, and…

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Rosa Cervera


Skyscraper Center Editorial Board (2015 – 2016)