Rishikesh Thacker

Regional Hub, Asia Steering Committee Member

Arch Realty, Partner | Mumbai, India


Rishikesh is a real estate entrepreneur & a founding partner of Arch Realty. With an experience of 14 years, he has worked on a diverse range of projects of high rise residential, commercial, mixed – use & master plans.

His work as a development lead includes leading the project from land acquisition to feasibility, concept, project structuring, detailed design & development, cost budgeting, construction progress & with support to sales & marketing.

With an ownership driven approach, he sets up a pace & direction for the project with an expertise of design & development along the business & management aspects of Real Estate.

Rishikesh Thacker


Height and Data Committee, Member (2024 – Present)

Future Leaders Committee, Mumbai, Chair (2024 – Present)

CTBUH Initiatives

29 October 2017

Calculating Floor Areas in Skyscrapers Workshop

The day before the CTBUH 2017 Australia Conference, delegates gathered for the Calculating Floor Areas in Skyscrapers Workshop.