Rick Mao

K.WAH, General Manager


Mr. Rick Mao has developed considerable expertise in project planning, master planning, and architecture, interior and landscape design with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. Since joining K. Wah Group in 2010, Rick Mao has been in charge of organizing, planning, work allocation, design process management, and quality control for every project. By upholding the company’s commitment to quality, innovation and pragmatism, he inspired designers’ creativity and teamwork spirit to successfully complete a number of public buildings, including the Nanjing Hexi large-scale integrated project, Shanghai EDGE and Shanghai WYSH, as well as residential projects like The Palace, Grand Summit, Navale, The Great Hill, and Windermere. Mr. Rick Mao continues to explore design innovation to enhance the quality of life and the living condition as the city grows.