Rebecca Lehman

Individuals, Director, Transport Planning | Brisbane, Australia


Rebecca is a practicing transport planner. She identified a niche for place-based transport initiatives to help Sydney developers and workplaces manage travel demand and reduce traffic and parking congestion. She helps clients understand complex transport and liaise with transport providers to support more walking, bicycle riding, carpooling and public transport use to campus. Initially from Indiana and now based in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, Rebecca is passionate about multi-modal transport, seeing that each mode has a time and a place in our communities. She walks, rides and scoots herself to work and personal activities


Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)


28 October 2019

Transport to Vertical Schools

Rebecca Lehman, Frank Turquoise Group

New South Wales (NSW), Australia is experiencing population growth and rising property values. To meet the community’s educational needs, this means vertical public schools— intensifying...


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