Pierre Palmberg

CTBUH [title] Chapter Treasurer Scandinavia

COWI, Innovation & Development Director | Malmö, Sweden


Pierre finished his Degree in Fire Protection Engineering in 1992. For a period of 8 years he worked within the Fire Department in Lund with operational fire and rescue services, training of officers and firemen and preventive work. He also started the consultancy department within the Fire Department in Lund in 1993. He has worked as a teacher at the Swedish Rescue Services College in Revinge outside Lund. 2001-2007 he managed and developed Pantektor AB’s Department of Fire Protection Engineering and Risk Management. 2007-2011 Pierre was Regional Manager Sweden Fire Protection Engineering and Risk Management. In 2011 the operation was formed as a separate business area with Pierre as the Business Area Manager of Sweco Fire Protection Engineering and Risk Management, Sweden. 2014-05-01 Pierre assumed the role as Vice President for COWI Fire Protection Engineering SE. In March 2016 Pierre was…

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Pierre Palmberg


Chapter Treasurer, Scandinavia (2018 – Present)

Awards Fire & Risk Engineering Jury (2019)

20 October 2018

Record Numbers Convene at 2018 Leaders Meeting

CTBUH Leaders convened on Day 1 of the 2018 Middle East Conference for updates on the year's developments and to plan for 2019.

20 October 2018

Regional Representatives Meet at 2018 Middle East Conference

CTBUH Chapters, Regional Representatives, and Future Leaders Committees met during the Middle East Conference for a discussion on the Council's regional growth and global initiatives.