Patricio Gómez-Salas Ramírez

Rothoblaas s.r.l., Region Manager | Venice, Italy


Education background in environmental sciences and economics, studied in Spain and France, moving to Italy for love 8 years ago.

Started to develop business in Asia, Middle East and Africa for Rothoblaas’ company 5 years ago. This experience coincides with an exciting momentum for the timber industry, as Tall Timber started to catch the attention of contractors and developers, while governments worldwide work in adapting local regulations permitting designers more flexibility in their drawings. Bringing knowledge and experience from central Europe in timber industry overseas, while learning from other countries building traditions, definitely represent a good motivational drive for Patricio!

CTBUH Designated Expert


Working Group: Tall Timber (2018 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Middle East 2018)