Nayla Mecattaf

Cro&Co Architecture, CEO of CroMe Studio (sister company of Cro&Co Architecture) | Paris, France


Born in Lebanon of French-Swiss nationality Nayla Mecattaf graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (EPFZ) in 1990. She launched her professional career in Paris at an interior design agency and then at the Parisian Architecture Studio. She then joined Renzo Piano’s Building Workshop where she stayed for 25 years, including 18 as a partner. Speaking several languages, Nayla has been part of many team projects in Europe and the Middle East. In particular, she led the teams of debis-Potsdamerplatz in Berlin, Shard and Saint Giles in London, Pinwheel in Beirut and Float in Dusseldorf. Each step was an opportunity to acquire know-how contributing to the creation of new places. Guest lecturer at the School of Architecture of Paris Malaquais between 2004 and 2007, she ran project workshops for the Masters programs. In November 2017 Nayla set up with Jean-Luc Crochon, also founder…

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CTBUH Designated Expert


23 August 2021

What are the Unique Opportunities and Challenges in Designing High-Density in Europe?

Awash with historical landmarks, heritage façades, and their related height-restrictions, building skyscrapers in European cities has always required a nuanced approach, one which creatively examines...


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