Michiel de Moel

Regional Committee Member, Singapore

Elevating Studio, CEO | Singapore, Singapore


Michiel de Moel is co-founder and CEO of Elevating Studio VT Consultants in Singapore and Bangkok.

Prior to founding Elevating Studio, Michiel has been active in the elevator industry for more than 15 years, in one of the largest elevator companies globally, in various global and local management roles in Sales and Installation, Maintenance and Modernization, Major Projects and Automatic Doors. During the earlier phase of his career, Michiel was active in various roles in the Mechanical and Electrical Building Services industry, both as a consultant and in design and construction. Michiel holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.

CTBUH Designated Expert


Regional Committee, Singapore, Board Member (2017 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Australia 2017)

Annual Conference, Steering Committee (Singapore 2020)