Mayank Gandhi

Mumbai, India


Mayank Gandhi is currently working as an independent consultant on strategic planning of infrastructure projects. He was earlier the Secretary for the Remaking of Mumbai Federation (RoMF). Mayank is part of the core Committee of Team Anna in the India against Corruption movement. He has worked with various NGOs such as Loksatta, JNM (governance not-for-profit organisations) and others. He has been instrumental in the development and finalization of several laws and movements in India on urban governance and policies.


Country Representative, India (2010 – 2013)

Annual Conference, Co-Chair (Mumbai 2010)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Mumbai 2010)


04 February 2010

This presentation explains a conceptual proposal for Mumbai based on the present problems and proposed government infrastructural projects. The central theme revolves around the basic...


04 February 2010

This presentation emphasizes the clear strategy of rebuilding the inner city of Mumbai on self financing basis vide cluster approach. A CPMC (City Planning and...


04 January 2011

Sourav Dasgupta,; Mayank Gandhi, Remaking of Mumbai Federation

Does Residence Antilia, the "world's tallest and most expensive private home" represent a positive addition to the city of Mumbai's skyline?