Mark Hennessy

WSP, Director – Structures | Melbourne, Australia


Mark has over 27 years’ experience in structural engineering consultancy, having worked in Ireland, England and now over 23 years in Australia (NSW & VIC).

Mark has added value on a variety of development types including education, institutional, medical / health care, residential, commercial, retail, industrial, leisure, recreational and government facilities. His experience encompasses most building sizes, ranging from small (less than $1 Million), large ($50 Million plus) to mega ($3,500 Million).

His proven ability to tenaciously challenge the ‘obvious’ and ‘easy’ solutions, preferring instead to approach every project as a unique opportunity to add value, has contributed to a culture of creativity and innovation being adopted within his workplace and influencing the greater market through his involvement in project teams.


Regional Committee, Melbourne (2018 – Present)


19 September 2012

Mark Hennessy & Doug Wallace, Meinhardt Group

The objectives of this paper are to: highlight the latest design and technical advances and associated challenges in the optimization of slender towers; demonstrate trends...