Liza Karim

PNB, Head of Communications | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Liza Karim is currently Vice President of Communications at Merdeka 118. With almost 28 years in the field of communications, her expertise spans across all sectors of the corporate communications spectrum - from public to media relations, brand, advertising and community.

For the past 6 years, Liza has focused on building the Merdeka 118 tower and precinct brand from the ground up. At the heart of Merdeka 118's brand ethos, is the connection between past and future communities, heritage and innovation thriving harmoniously within a single precinct. Strengthening a sense of place around the Merdeka 118 tower will make it a compelling social destination for both KL and for Malaysia.

Through her work, Liza hopes to highlight the importance of building meaningful narratives that foster long-lasting communal and commercial ties as an integral part of making any building truly iconic.

Liza Karim


Awards Best Tall Building Jury (2023)