John Jory

Brisbane, Australia


John Jory is an Architect, a member of the Australian and British Architects institutes with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Queensland. John has practiced in the UK, Dubai, Oman and Australia, and he is currently a PhD Candidate at Queensland University of Technology.

He is researching tall urban buildings, and the many factors that vary over their height. These are defined by the construct ‘height relative variables’ (HRV), and it is expected that significant benefits may result from their systematic design application, using a model that combines and analyses HRV data to leverage the effects of height.


Annual Conference, Presenter (Australia 2017)


28 July 2018

Using Height-Relative Variables To Design Tall Buildings

John Jory, Queensland University of Technology

This paper investigates height-variable phenomena in the urban context, and their relevance to the design and performance of tall buildings. It proposes a design approach...


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