Javier Roig

KPF, Design Director


Javier is a Director with extensive experience leading the architectural design and master planning of large scale mixed-use development projects, from both KPF’s London and New York offices. His global portfolio includes 14 million square feet of commercial developments in UK, Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Javier leads the design of the 3 million square foot LJZ Four Lots development in Shanghai, part of a larger LJZ Qiantan development. The project includes the design of sixteen buildings, including an urban bridge spanning across three different city blocks. While retaining their own identity, the entire group of buildings maintains a cohesive idea.

His experience in master planning includes the planning of Yu Garden, where the Old City area of Shanghai is re-imagined as a new active heart of the city. Exuding a deep sense of history, the master plan generates a…

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Javier Roig