Iñigo Ortiz Díez de Tortosa

Ortiz Leon Arquitectos, Co-Founder | Madrid, Spain


Iñigo Ortiz is a Senior-cofounder of ORTIZLEON ARCHITECTS having established the practice with Enrique leon in 1984. Educated at Madrid School of Architecture continued his studies and research at Architectural Association ( London ) (Wind influence in energy and building shape) and MBA IESE University (Barcelona).

He has a deep knowledge of how companies work and their needs for spaces and architecture. From the very beginning his interest for sustainability led him to attend International Congress in USA, Norway, Japon , Australia,etc, in some of them as a lecturer,and still updated of what internationally is going on.

A landmark in his career was the SANITAS BUILDING (Madrid) design and construction, first 100% sustainable building in Spain designed with LEED standards (2.000). ORTIZ LEON has been awarded several times by private and public institutions as Union Spanish Architects. He…

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Regional Representative, Spain (2014 – Present)


16 September 2014

Architectural Comfort in Future Vertical Downtowns

Iñigo Ortiz, Enrique León & Paloma Martín, Ortiz León Arquitectos SLP

The objective of this paper is to alert about how important is environmental comfort, as an architectural concept, in vertical urbanism and its perception by...


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