Hao Xia

Suzhou Zhongnan Center Development, Executive Vice President


Hao Xia, Executive Vice President of Suzhou Zhongnan Center, first-class registered architect. He engaged in architectural design, real estate design management, and real estate comprehensive management for nearly 15 years. He served as the design director of ZOINA land group and the vice president of South Jiangsu Regional Company of ZOINA land group.
With years of real estate management experience, he is good at customer demand analysis and research, product design and development, product quality control and implementation, product cost planning and control.
He is fully in charge of the design management of Suzhou Zhongnan Center. In the design process, he breaks the convention, starts from customer demand and market demand, starts from the operation and maintenance end, and insists on maximizing the economic benefits, adhere to the sustainable development of super high-rise buildings.

CTBUH Designated Expert