Frank Schwartz

Ramboll, Global Director, Ramboll | Copenhagen, Denmark


Frank Schwartz, with over 19 years of experience, serves as the Global Director at Ramboll High-rise & Complex Buildings.

In this role, Mr. Schwartz oversees a global team of more than 350 multidisciplinary professionals, spanning from the West Coast of the USA to Singapore in the East. He leads with a collaborative and value-based approach, fostering teamwork and innovation throughout the organization. His methodology emphasizes rigorous analysis, meticulously evaluating and balancing potential solutions across various disciplines to ensure that the client's business case remains the focal point.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Schwartz lived in London and Dubai for several years. Throughout his distinguished career, he has successfully designed over 40 high-rise buildings, some exceeding 100 stories and 500 meters in height. He has collaborated on prestigious international projects with…

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Frank Schwartz

CTBUH Designated Expert


Chapter Board Member, Scandinavia (2019)