Christine Bruckner

M Moser Associates, Representative; Director | Hong Kong, China


Dr. Bruckner is an architect and sustainability consultant working to promote best practice, environmental responsibility and wellness in design. As a Director with M Moser Associates she brings her design experience with urban integration, revitalization and public space to guide development of our built environment at all scales. A dedicated professional, Fellow of the Institute, and 2014-15 President of the American Institute of Architects International Region. Dr. Bruckner continues to actively serve the profession as IPP of the AIA IR, advisor to the AIA Shanghai WOFE, past Chair of International Practice Committee Advisory Group (IPC/AG)., founding member and multi-term Past President of AIA Hong Kong, Technical Adjudication Advisor and active with Programs development, Urban Design and waterfront initiatives; COTE and LEED events and International Region objectives. 

Dr. Bruckner has…

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Annual Conference, Session Chair (Shanghai 2012; Shanghai 2014; China 2016)

Annual Conference, Steering Committee (China 2016)

Innovation Conference, Session Chair, Shenzhen (2019)


18 October 2016

CTBUH 2016 China Conference - Session 7a: Urban Environmental Issues Q&A

Tuesday October 18, 2016. Shenzhen, China. Christine Bruckner of M Moser Associates; Dan Kaplan of FXFowle; Jay L. Berman of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners...


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17 October 2016

Creating Effective Workplaces in China’s Vertical Megacities

Moira Moser, John Sellery & Christine Bruckner, M Moser Associates

The buying values of entrepreneurial end-user clients in China and the Pearl River Delta focus on internal environments that will attract the knowledge workers that...


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