Brian Breukelman

Stantec, President | Calgary, Canada

Brian has been involved with researching and designing damping systems for tall buildings and other dynamically sensitive structures since 1990. After completing his master’s degree at Western University's Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, he went on to RWDI and led the development of the engineering expertise of large-scale damping systems.

He led the design of several large sloshing and tuned mass dampers for buildings around the world, including the Wall Centre, Vancouver and Taipei 101, Taiwan.


Annual Conference, Poster Presenter, Chicago (2019)


26 February 2001

B. Breukelman, T. Haskett, S. Gamble, & P. Irwin, RWDI

Controlling vibrations of structures through the use of damping systems continues to increase as structures become lighter and more slender. As a result, the tools...


26 February 2001

Peter Irwin & Brian Breukelman, RWDI

A traditional solution to the problem of excessive motion of tall buildings under wind action is to add more structure so as to stiffen the...